Tywcross Zoo

This has to be one the most strangest and fun projects we have worked on.

We were approached by Tywcross Zoo whom asked if there was anyway we could bring some of their buildings to life along with updating the general signage around the Zoo.

The end result / pictures say it all and we managed to exceed their all of their expectations.


Halley VI Project

Halley VI Antarctic Research Station, which became operational in February 2013, paying particular attention to human factors, the environmental approach and the technical solutions adopted to create a state-of-the-art home for science in one of the remotest parts of our planet.

Halley VI sits on the freezing, floating Brunt Ice Shelf. It is open all year round with a crew of 52 working in the summer and only 16 staying on site in the winter season. Hydraulically elevated ski-based modules were developed to respond to annually rising snow levels and the need to relocate the base if the site calves off as a giant iceberg. A special central module provides a dramatic open plan living and social area at the heart of the station.


Exhausts Tyres and Batteries in Worcester

After the Iverson Tyres project word got to other garages and we were approached by Exhausts Tyres and Batteries in Worcester. and other garages around the UK.

Whom again wanted to complete Transform their Garage both Externally and Internally and again give their garage a more welcoming look, Family Friendly feel.

It was even bigger project and again took a-lot of planning.

Again the end result was everything they had hoped for as you can see from the before and after pictures.

We went on and transformed a further 20 of their garages please take a look at their website including the pictures of their garages.